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Welcome at www.code-aster.de, the platform for the complete service around the Finite-Element program Code-Aster and related software tools!

We are a team of experts in structural mechanics, programming and computer science, working since many years with Code-Aster and providing to the international market our services as:

  • Finite-Element Analyses
  • Teaching and seminars about Code-Aster and related softwares
  • Support for your first projects with Code-Aster, and long term support contracts
  • Installing and Configuration for special needs (network, MPI-parallel computing etc.)
  • Python scripting to streamline your workflow, create mesh- and output-translators and more
  • Programming customer-specific version of Code-Aster to include new features

NEW : Code-Aster Online and Video Courses

Since 2021 we offer our Code-Aster courses also as web meetings and supported by Videos.

Request an offer for a Code-Aster web-/video-course

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