Python Scripting

Code-Aster and the Salome Platform are both based on the scripting language Python. Thus, Python can be used to accelerate repetitive tasks and to expand the functionality of Salome and of Code-Aster.

Some examples of what we can offer You using Python:

  • creation or adaption of mesh- and output-translators to interface Code-Aster to other tools
  • parameter studies by looping over Code-Aster commands
  • parameter optimization by looping over Code-Aster commands
  • parametric geometry modeling: fully automated looping over creating a parameter driven geometry, meshing, analysis, postprocessing and generating result plots
  • debug Code-Aster commands
  • extract data structures of Code-Aster, process them with numerical tools as Numpy

In Salome any step which can be execute in the GUI is also scriptable with Python, so meshing work can considerably be accelerated.